Things you need

  • Waxed Cotton Thread

  • 2 Needles

  • Diamond Chisel

  • Lighter

1. Punch stitching holes

Draw a guide line to follow with the diamond chisel.
Follow the guide line with diamond chisel and hammer the holes. 
Hammer deep enough that you cen see the tips of the chisel is about 1mm out.

2. Prepare thread and needles


The way I measure thread is x2 the length of the actual stitching distance plus extra 5cm or so.
This is usually pretty accurate.
This specific knot will lock the thread in place and will not come off during saddle stitching.

3. Start stitching

Attach a needle on both ends of the thread.
Start with putting 2 needles through from the front.  
Be careful not to sew through the thread.
Now Repeat.

4. Finish stitching

To finish saddle stitching you need to keep the loop instead of pulling all the way.

Pull half way

Do both ends and you should end up like this.
Put the needle through the loop
You shoud get a loop like this.
Apply small amount of glue.
Then pull tight.
Trim thread about 5mm and melt the tip with lighter.
Press down to seal.
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