Water proof finish/ Product Review - SNO Seal

This article is a review of leather water proof agent - SNO Seal


SNO Seal is a beeswax based seal, so it requires heating up for the best result.

The instruction says to pre-heat the leather before you apply SNO seal.

I used a hairdryer to pre heat the leather, and keep it on while I applied so it keeps the seal warm and easier for the leather to absorb it.

Heating the leather with a hair dryer.

I used sponge for application.

Apply as much as leather absorbs, as the instruction says.


Feel : Almost the same as oiled surface, not tacky/sticky

Doesnt make the leather go hard, stays nice and soft

Apperance: Tones down the colour slightly.

Made my project slighty darker where I applied SNO (Left half of the image.)

Which I really like the colour.

REPELS water very well,

Keeps the leather 100% dry and protected.


Very reasonably priced at $23 on eBay Atsko SNO Seal 200ml Free Postage

You can also get a small 15ml tube for $3.95.

This is TRUE

It has absolutely no smell after application.

100% scent free

I cannot leave a lot of long term comments as I have only used it recently but if anyone has any ideas please comment :)

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