Making leather sheath for kitchen knives - SAYAYA Sheath

SHEATH is one of the items I enjoy making.

I am a commercial chef myself (when I am not leatherworking!) and I know how good chefs adore their knives.

I am one of those crazy people who spend fortune on them.

I had to make the leather sheaths that replaced my old wooden ones(which I'm personally not fan of)

. I have created a Japanese Saya brand - SAYAYA

They are durable, Practical and Personalised.

SAYAYA Durability

SAYAYA Sheaths are made for commercial kitchen environment.

Moderate amount of splash/moisture invasion is tolerated by water-resistant finish.

Ethically sourced top quality vegetable tanned leather is used for the best results.

They are hand made using traditional saddle stitching.

I use this method because I love the idea of "Hand made".

Practical and Personal

All SAYAYA products are made upon order.

Fuuly customised design means you select the colour you'd like and design you prefer.

I get the measurements of your knife and create a profile, so the buyers don't have to send their actual knives.

I add personalised attributes to make all my SAYA specially made for them.

I engrave the requested name/initial along with my tooling pattern.

Knives are secured by large snap buttom.

I put those on either side of the sheath depending on your dominate hand.

This makes them more practical when they are using them.

Because SAYAYA is full customised sheasth, it is possible to make a matching heath for your custom order made knives. (if you own one)

I have recently had an oppourtinity to make a sheath for a custom hand made knife forged and handcrafted by WHITE KNUCKLE KNIFE AUSTRALIA.

It was really blessing to work with local hand crafter in the same alley and seeing their hand made knife and my hand made sheath coming together.

To see a video of how I make them, Click here

You can check custom made Saya out here:

For cusrtom made knives visit:

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