Do you love your flashy Iphone 11 Pro or Samsung S20?

The chances are YES

You must agree that people are spending CRAZY dollars (sure, they are great) on their mobile phones, but not looking after them enough........well it seems to me that way.

It makes no sense that you invest over $1000 and you are using it with everything exposed.

In most cases, Camera lenses and LCD Screens are exposed, but they probably need to be protected the MOST.

I think so at least.

I will give you 3 reasons why my UNIVERSAL FIT leather Phone wallet is the BOSS.


1. Life-time durability / Extra Protection

Being made of enforced layered Veg tanned leather it lasts life-time without tearing.

No camera hole means the lenses are ALWAYS covered unless you are using it.

Making it impossible to damage.

The sliding attachment slides your phone up far enough so you can expose the camera ONLY when you need to use the camera.

Attach a simple clear TPU case to the sliding pad.

This way you can remove your phone any time.

The Pad is reusable even after sticking and peeling multiple times! (MADE IN JAPAN)


2. ANY Phone Fits

The sliding pad makes this phone wallet UNIVERSAL FIT.

This means you can get a different phone and it will fit in the same case.

When you get a mew phone, just peel the old TPU and install the new one.

Being so Heavy Duty and durable you'll be able to use it for years.

I have been using mine for 4 years so far and it has grown a nice aged appearance.


3. Personalised Attributes

Made to order with custom design means you can get it made with what you like carved and painted on it.

Animal painting with initials.

Custom design for a Mechanic.

One for a Diver with Blue dye.

You can get it made with more or less pockets and card slots for the most practical aspect.


In the End.....

If you are an excellent carer of your devices ( I am NOT! ) maybe you are better off with exposed phone cases for convenience.

But it's still nice to have a personalised item since mobile phone is your Best friend!

(You spend more time on your phone more than your friends I'm sure.)


Well you just spent over a $1000 on your phone so you might as well spend a little more for the best.

Because I guarantee the quality and the excellence.

Here is the link if you're interested :)

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