How I make my products from scratch

Updated: May 24, 2020

Ever wonder how leather workers hand-craft things?

I can show you how simple it is.

Not easy - but simple.

All you need is just lot of patience and a little bit of skills......not a lot

I do every step by hands and here's how,

1. Create a pattern

2. Cut leather

3. Dye/paint/oil

4. Hand sew

5. Polish sides

1. Create Pattern

Create pattern by cutting out all the parts I need.

I cut my pattern out with thick craft paper.

(There are prepared craft pattern paper available but I creating my own so I am not limited)

2. Cutting Leather

I use whole sides so I need to cut the pieces out using paper pattern.


There are several different dyes and colourings I use...

I use air spray for dyeing

Here is a link to more detailed leather dye post

(Dye is the foundation colour of the product)

I use Olive oil for all my leather products (I find it the best!)

Oil keeps leather soft

Acrylic colour for painting (Paint emphasises the design, I only paint when there is carving)

Then a water proof coating (Important for protection)

4.Hand sewing

I use any craft glue for binding

Set over night...

I punch holes using diamond chisels

I use waxed cotton for thread and round tip needles

The technique is called Saddle Stitching

5.Polish sides

Technically called burnishing

Basically finishing the rough cut edge to mirror-finish

Sand paper and Edge polish gum is all I use for prep,

Then I use tea towel for polishing (Gently rub until its is mirroring - takes a while)

This is the moment the artwork comes all together and it is exciting!

This is all I do,

Unless I am carving something, which is another skill.

Leather crafting can be a very simple and fun hobby.

Recommend for those who have patience.

You may get hooked and possible could change your life a little bit...

----------------Like mine did.

There is also 1 minutes video of my work steps here

For more Videos - Click HERE

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