Product Review - Fiebing's Leather Dye/Pro Dye BEST Bright Colours

Updated: May 30, 2020

Dyeing a piece of veg tanned leather can be a SUPER REWARDING leather-work task.

A plain piece of veg-tanned leather becomes an Art with a character.

I always get excited when I put my breath mask and gloves on,,,

Dyeing is a process of changing or adding permanent colour to leather using different types of solutions.

With all different leather dyes available, I personality have only used

Fiebing's leather dye / Pro Dye.

These are alcohol based dye, very easy to use, fast dry, cheap and good quality.

I have

3 favourite colours


Before I show you the colours and products,

quickly show you my secret for leather dyeing,

Air Brush!

You can buy through the link here, it is less than $100 AUD

You can see me using the air brush here

It is by far the best method of dyeing veg tanned leather (unless block dyeing)

I use a 0.3mm Voilamart airbrush with a small compressor.

I have dyed pretty much all of my crafts with this and works great.

I will talk aboutdifferent dyeing methods in another post

My 3 favourite leather dyes

1. Saddle Tan

This for me is an all-purpose colour suits anything,

I use it for any light brown effects.

(somewhere between brown and natural leather colour)

This is a wallet that I used Saddle Tan Pro Dye for a faded back ground,

*(Using dauber instead of Air Brush will make the colour significantly DARKER)

2. Aqua Green

This gives AMAZING striking green that is lighter and more like AQUA colour than Ordinary Green.

Easy to give transition effect with an Air Brush.

This is a cover of the leather bound book I am making.

Note the beautiful transition of darker Green from the Edge towards the centre,

Only using Aqua Green for the back ground.

Colour density is controlled by the amount of paint sprayed.

3. Dark Red

I am not very good at keeping the bottles clean,,,

Love the colour!

but it's

PINK! right??

Sometimes the colour on the package can be different especially using different dying method.

To get this actual DARK RED, I will have to layer it a few times, or Use a dauber.

Fiebing's dyes are available at most online retails such as ebay, amazon etc,

I purchase them from Birdsall leather Australia below

All sorts of colours are available from $9.50 for 118ml for the smallest amount and you can get a large bottles if you need.

If you are new to leather crafting and haven't done much dying,

You're missing out.

I recommend that you get cracking now!

It is a huge Game-Changer and heaps of fun !

Air Brush is the ways to go, but make sure you wear a Mask and PPE!!

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