Antique dyeing is a technique to emphasize tooled part of the leather.

It makes huge difference when you compare the two photos of with / without antique dye.

This article will explain how to use antique paste to finish the dyeing process of your project.


My favourite Antique Paste is Carving Dye by SEIWA Japan, they are smooth and easy to wipe.

Fiebing's make good Antique paste as well and are available online leather supply.j


The Most important part of the process.

The surface of the leather you are planning to apply antique dye MUST BE covered in leather finish coating such as TAN KOTE, RESOLENE etc

This step is VERY important when you are antique dyeing.

These finish coating will create a water-resistant layer on the surface, stopping things staining the leather.

I use a piece of sponge to apply on my leather.

Apply this, even layers 2-3 times to get even coating.

Dry 30-60 minutes between each layers.


Antique dye paste is very thick and very much like a paste.

*You must make sure that the Surface prep is completely dry before applying any antique.

1. Apply generous amount in small parts.

Work about 5x5 cm area at a time.

Apply generous amount with a wide paint brush making sure the paste goes into the indents.

Then Wipe the surface off with cotton cloth.

Antique paste will basically remain in the gaps of where you made indents and will dry to set with time.

When you wipe, try to flatten your hand so you are not wipeing in the indented parts.

Finish the whole surface working 5x5cm square at a time.

2. Apply thin layer to the whole surface

Once you have done it in small parts, then apply thin coasting to the whole surface.

Make sure all indents are filled and evenly coloured.

Then wipe and buff the surface.

Dry at least 12 hours....

Then re apply the Leather Finish coating - TAN KOTE.

Make sure all antique paste is dry and set before you finish with coating.


and that's how you antique dye veg tanned leather.

The most important thing is, prepping surface with Leather Finish!

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