Modern Steampunk leather jewellery


World Bazaar

by Kristen Young

352, CHARLTON, 60, Hervey Bay, Queensland, 4655, Australia

World Bazaar is a local institution...starting way back in the late 1990's, we have been showcasing amazing collections of jewellery, beads, furniture, clothing & collectables from all around the globe.


Kristen travels direct to source & select ourselves by hand. Each and every item in store has been looked at and chosen for its' unique and exquisite quality.


They love their work and love being able to continue the tradition that IS World Bazaar. 

Modern Steampunk with Japanese accent

LEFT Kristen Young at World Bazaar

RIGHT Shohei at The Sho Room

KIKAI KUMA, translates to "Machinery Bear" is a modern steampunk style brand created by Kristen Young, the Owner operator of world Bazaar,  in Hervey Bay.

The Sho Room create KIKAI KUMA products in collaboration with World Bazaar to provide modern and unique designs that is EXCLUSIVE.

The concept consists of Kristen's steampunk with The Sho Room's Japanese twist. 

The designs are unique with Japanese fabric pattern and steampunk gears, with leather artisan look. 


We take Custom orders through KIKAI KUMA Official Page, 

Also available in store at World Bazaar, Hervey Bay.