NAME: SHOHEI Kishishita

Born: Tokyo, JAPAN

Live in: Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Becoming a leather craft artisan was never the plan. 

cooking high-end meals as a private chef has been my passion for years. 

Leather tooling became my hobby when I was 25.

 I made a tooled leather wallet with a basic kit I bought online.


 I needed a new wallet to replace my 10-year-old hand carved wallet that I adored. 


As soon as I started leather crafting I enjoyed the feel of carving leather. 

I've always turned my hobby into a job to enjoy my life and be happy.

I do what I enjoy for living and leather working became one of my jobs soon after.

All of my skills are self-taught through the online resources and books.

It didn't take me long to figure out basics of leather work after all.

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Crafting a life path with leather

– by Kerrie Alexander


IF you have a dream just follow it, says Shohei Kishishita.  The deeply passionate qualified chef is well-known for his  scrumptious degustation dinners at private gatherings on the  Fraser Coast........

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