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Leather Craft Today

If you are interested in leather craft and carving but not sure where to start, here's a quick guide.

This guide will show you all basic techniques that you will need to master before creating your own belts, wallets etc... 

I want people to start leather work without FUSS of getting a lot of Pro Tools and expensive set up. 

I will show you my tricks of minimizing the initial set up cost by using things everyone already has at home.


Before Start Learning 


Pick a leather project you'd like to learn and make. 

This way you know what skills you need to learn and what tools you might need.

It is a good way to motivate and excite yourself as well.

Choose something simple and not too complicated. 

Belts are very easy, if you are more challenging person try bi-fold wallets or a phone case. 

1. Get Leather craft Tools


First thing you need to do once you know what you might wan to make is to buy some tools.

It is not going to be a big investment at start especially because you can use things you already have. 

Tools specifically destined for leather craft can be costly, some of them can be substituted with other tools.


2. Learn Essential Skills


There are Essential skills you need at Beginner's level.

-Dyeing leather


-Saddle stitching 


You will be able to make lost things with leather if you master those core skills. 

Then you might want to learn dyeing and colouring, moulding  etc

3. Get a Piece of leather 

Depending on you project, you might need a square piece, rectangular piece or a strip etc.


You might need different thickness. I only use Veg-Tanned Cow leather. This is because I do a lot of carving. 

You can use different types and animals if you are a keen leather crafter.